Saturday, June 26, 2010


as distant as the galaxy is from the rest of the universe that's how I feel about the truth ... I can file the reports ... I can read about the theories ... I can see pictures ... but I don't know it ... I can use it and check this at the top and this at the bottom to see if they agree but I don't know what they mean ... because I don't know the truth ... I have no formal introduction that will open my eyes to her ... we haven't met ... she will not countenance me ... thus am I countermanded ... I have a thing here something like a rock to hold the door open and all through the screen door across the small lawn and out into the street I know she passes by in the deepest hour of the night ... but in my chair the other side of the door I still can't see her ... I'm surrounded by light and she's in the dark ... I'm in a room filled with light but the fire in the corner is cold ... the warmth in the room has gone out into the night pulled into her stream which is life

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