Wednesday, June 16, 2010


take these two distinctions ... beauty real and ideal ... reward now and later ... mix them up ... cross reference each to the other three ... ideal beauty doesn't go well with reward now but it does go nicely with reward later ... real beauty and reward later on the other hand seems cruel and endlessly frustrating but in fact doesn't make sense at all ... real goes with now or the hell with it ... and if beauty failed even stage left or stage right to attend no one could bear to live ... reward now is real beauty ... but it takes wisdom to know where to look patience to find it and grace to let it go ... so any way is what I think is normal ... but from time to time maybe in every two hundred or so there's a brother or sister for whom ideal beauty and reward now seems to work ... it shouldn't work ... the ideal and the real aren't supposed to meet though it's all our hope that they will hereafter ... nonetheless look at these few ... they're not pretending ... you know what they see is real

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