Tuesday, June 08, 2010


they say all sex is 95% survival of the species ... speciesridden speciesdriven just keeping up with the times ... adultery promiscuity passion it's all the same gene throbbing so this thing which isn't even a thing can survive for another generation ... blind they call it not so much striving as thriving whenever it can ... no forethought no foresight just hard groping whenever it can ... and what's in it for us ... damn the generation ... to be blinded by the inner light I'd like it to be worth my while ... they seem sometimes to touch the doorknob of heaven's gate ... the fence must be charged with a higher form of electricity that doesn't kill but says insistently stay awhile ... they frighten me sometimes those eyes that change just then into a sharp hard focus ... in an instant they abandon all that promise ... much better to roll over in grace and comfort curl up and go to sleep ... the higher reality is respect in the face of what you know is a good thing

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