Thursday, June 03, 2010


well suppose this is abstract too theoretical not likely to you ... clearly the physical and the mental too the movement in thought to a conclusion these are things that we can trace ... add to this catalog emotion and put it down as well as something that with practice we can control ... I would ask you then in reply to take for me this one concrete example from well-documented space in time and tell me why there's such confusion ... consider danton ... true conditions were not settled but he was the best of the surfers on the wave ... true a master of intrigue he had a motion to rise above it only to be murdered by a political machine in parliament in court in wood and in iron ... but wasn't there something immediately preceding ... a new wife a new life and best not the old living all the killing all the different ways to do it ... the murders of reason of debate and conversation ... what was it made him pause just at the worst moment 2/2

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