Thursday, June 17, 2010


nothing goes right before him ... nothing can go wrong after him ... nonsense must certainly be your first and final response ... take him to be the one ... surely some things must have gone right before him and some things gone and will go wrong after him ... and if you wish to speak globally and abstractly in one respect and not another or travel in one dimension or dementia to the exclusion of all others I should say I am not interested ... I am a man who values the meaning of my time ... and the meaning if I might reply of that which was first said is neither logical nor material ... this right and wrong does have another dimension and what comfort there is in dementia what sustenance in illness at all has this for its substance ... he would not have come if he were not needed ... he will not leave as long as he is ... as long as he is ... that's as long as we need him ... and that's unlike all the force and logic before him ... his presence materially mentally spiritually ... totally right ... never wrong

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