Tuesday, June 08, 2010


jesus christ is my lord and savior from before my conception and will save me at the end just in the nick of time ... save me from old nick's time that isn't worth coming to an end but plows on to a vanishing point forever ... pointless to the murder of meaning ... there at a small gate round the corner is the place I make my stand ... selling pacres by the subway entrance ... it's my cover during the day ... at night I review my resources ... a sleeper not sleeping in the service of my lord ... I search through the papers ... I add some papers of my own ... I put two and two together and form a conclusion of my own ... a steward all I own is the property of my lord ... all my conclusions are in his beginning precisely at the end just in the nick of time ... that being said there's still the time between ... I review the inventory at night just for this time between ... to be ready for the testing of the conclusion ... my finger by the bell ... at the moment of calling ready to open the door

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