Saturday, June 19, 2010


you can say it wasn't me it was the environment round me did it ... truth is that defense doesn't help ... it applies to every one of us ... I put my hands into the stream ... as much as it flowed so too did the hands going in ... the air above and the earth below as well ... all flowing but to different tempos ... all swaying in reaction to the further all around it ... a cosmic storm in another galaxy the last tendrils of its effect stir some distant neurons in my brain and I wake in the morning with a new idea ... here I am congregated again from the past filling out another different form waiting for the call to go again someplace else ... if it were not in me from time to time to close my eyes and dream the rhythms of that flowing field around me and the contratemps within me I'd break apart ... a glass twig against the cornerstone of the building ... even then the shards would dance

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