Wednesday, June 16, 2010


we think we aging baby boomers of the health of the body ... we tend to think in the same material terms of the health of the mind when surely given the difference between mind and body that's a mistake ... the good of the body is its health ... the health of the mind is taken for granted ... an assumed foundation for the means to the end ... the body always tends to its own care ... the mind is at its clearest working on a problem ... the body relaxes staying still ... the mind needs wants can have no such quiet ... the body's on a run at the end of which it must fall ... the mind even as with age its powers fray is from the first moment of its birth each morning in the thick of the conversation it cannot understand can ever end ... you see the body in its wisdom knows the cycles of birth and decay and though it may delay will finally welcome its end ... but that's a process you will not find in the economy of the mind ... always planning ... looking ... to its next move

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