Tuesday, June 15, 2010


to have no principal other than yourself is a terrifying condition ... for by definition you are your own god ... the only trouble with that is if you are not god or a god but the other alternative a creature of time and space and just exactly so much of each that they both end up by running out ... the kind of story you can wrap up and put in a shoe box and leave behind when you move ... just as each of us knows being so we all know that what the shoebox means is true ... it is true that we're here today and gone a somewhat deferred tomorrow ... but if you make such an existence your rule of being all order precedence reliability will be lost and you will lose your mind the moment you take it seriously ... for this procedure is a madness ... what could be more fundamentally wrong in the universal grammar than to have a spurious first person I swallow up all the air in a speech addressed to you the second person precisely so that together we might understand the third

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