Monday, June 07, 2010


the pacre must be wholeheartedly performed ... if your heart's not in it your mind won't stomach it and it will leave a bad taste in your mouth or worse just another empty feeling in your soul ... but if you give it a big punch the least you'll have is a little fun ... because each pacre win or lose is built for sound ... trip along the keys the syllables will ring like bells and perhaps even at the end will come crashing together like a ten finger chord to say ... what ... no pacre was ever meant to be too small mean insignificant ... but that doesn't mean it won't be ... it just means it doesn't want to be ... foolish long-winded wrong minded puffed-up spead-out wimpy or weak ... dressed-up dolled-up painted and sweet ... full of the curlicue and dash ... a gesture a flourish a wave of the hand ... presto pronto no longer any problemo ... what was it then that a year later you can call it an excresence ... a ruin ... small spirited ... or a subtle lie ... the soul of it for good or for evil still is overwhelmed

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