Friday, June 04, 2010


I don't know about you but in my heart of hearts I know I'm stupid ... I know it because I can prove it ... I've lived long enough to amass the evidence ... and I can prove it by telling you what I'm about to do ... I'm going to play the part of an old man who doesn't talk much ... is it because he's wise or because he can't hear ... who knows ... he doesn't talk much ... the first thing you notice when you play such a part something inside you doesn't like it ... now you're not only silent but you're surly too ... it takes practice this part of an old man in the corner ... it's not a role much in demand ... but you know if you try it it does have its subtler sides ... I especially like its aspect of dissolution ... a revolution from the inside as it were but moderated by the assembly supervising my disassembly ... we'll try for an orderly transfer of power ... avoid unnecessary coups and insurrections ... we will bide our time in study ... well at least reading ... what's the tocsin ringing in my ear but calls pay attention if you can love

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