Tuesday, June 29, 2010


2: we were having a metaphysical conversation ... lots of people don't like that I'm not surprised I didn't hear from her again ... + what's a metaphysical conversation ... 2: one that presupposes the supposition that some things are immaterial ... anything for example that defies space and time limitations ... that can be in two distinct places at the same time or two distinct times at the same place ... + without the word distinct that would mean everything ... what does distinct mean ... 2: what we're used to ... cats and dogs that live ten years but not often twenty ... travel from new york to tokyo that takes a day but not no time at all ... we take duration as a sign of stability but it has to be within reason and cannot overstay its welcome ... zombies and vampires both dangerously flirt with the metaphysical ... we may call them crude ... but gurus levitating and saints bilocating we think we see some high class in that ... a touch of the sublime

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