Wednesday, June 30, 2010


the war was fought and the war was won and the audience attended and the banner flew above their heads ... it said new intellect announced ... here you thought knowing was either passive or active when it's both ... the new one being the one you denied ... the passive receives the form ... the act forms it ... informs it by bringing it from potential to actual but sporadically and in time ... it's not that the passive intellect can't learn ... it does ... it forms habits it cleans the home it tends the store it teaches people to be good ... but if it works in the present it eats in the past ... the things it chews on have already been done ... and even now right now there's another intellect doing them ... willfully abstracting ... shedding its particulars ... prospecting for universals that sometimes are and sometimes aren't there ... the agent intellect the spy from another culture from another world is writing the script to higher and greater abstraction ... a world above matter ... closer to god

cf aquinas compendium

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