Tuesday, June 01, 2010


what's the difference then between level one reality and level three if when we're three we're never better ... you might find the answer passing through two ... suppose they ask you a yes no question ... say this one ... is there anything better than our conversation now ... and each time you say yes they graduate you another level ... no matter how many times they do it even if forever it's always just another level ... in this sense but it's gnawing there never is a better ... and the truth of that is so deep for you you never do go any further ... and you twiddle back and forth in the land of two like a piddly battered ping pong ever more ... but you can't stop wondering isn't there anything more ... simpler or simply something new ... in the clutter of the pendulum of time let me go back to something basic ... against the grinding either-or is there no transcendence ... sometimes I wonder what would one or three be without this land of two down under ... to stand below with ethereal arms asunder ... to hold up the other two

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