Thursday, June 17, 2010


here's a preliminary physical problem ... on the one hand in your palm as it were two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen ... they're atoms you can't even find them with a magnifying glass they're that small ... but keep the two types apart and they might fill a building or a universe with gas ... on the other hand in two palms cupped together just the two of the one kind run into one of the other ... in such orderly procession ... endlessly out the foggy door ... overflow cascading ... they fill all the world with a liquid universe drowning in water ... but how could that happen ... really ... water into ice just slows the water down but gas into liquid doesn't make any sense at all ... what's this trio do on their way down the slide that they can gather together with others of their new kind and start a new order of being ... what do they say ... we'll mimic creation ... from nothing nothing to speak of we'll start something new

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