Friday, June 18, 2010


this is venus the epicure ... this is mars he's the stoic ... why not just say male and female or more widely but more accurately the sacred feminine and masculine ... as long as you say sacred I'm with you ...otherwise it's just psychobabel ... and I won't fudge with substitutes like cosmic or archetypical ... they all become stereotypical and you die with an empty cupboard that used to hold at least one real idea ... no enough of concepts and constructs ... it's time for ding an sich the old prussian called it ... the real thing ... the coke song sang of it ... and if we wind up with something like parmenides and heraclitus or danton and robespierre sitting at the desk each side of the pearly gates checking your papers I won't complain if they only let me through ... games of strategy and war to test you to train you ... sylphs on silver screens whose stories come to more faithful climaxes than does war ... or what's tragedy and comedy for

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