Monday, June 14, 2010


the body or the mind ... history is a record of souls leaning to one or the other ... ordinarily you'd think the body would win that battle of balance ... but that's what history does ... it records in particular the surprising generations ... the closer to the historian it seems the more surprising ... you'd suggest each generation is a surprise and there might come as an answer that this depends on your expectations and the topics controlling your thoughts ... if you're an atheist you find the enlightenment your first big surprise in nearly two millenia ... an idealist might say for me it's the french revolution ... the european steps up and says I admit it I like the crusades ... the capitalist sits down in a plush leather chair lights a cigar says I like the american revolution ... good thing it was we lost ... a little blood purge to clear the arteries for empire ... quick rehearsal before the real treasure hunt ... the body grows fattens thins and dies and all the while the human spirit hungers

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