Sunday, June 27, 2010


what is that peculiar hard tone you hear in the voice of people you know are being bad ... are they quite themselves or indeed quite themselves ... how real are we when we think we're being particularly hard decisive the one not just listening or reading and certainly not the one talking ... we say a word ... go ... do ... but we can say it with the flip of a hand ... we are in command ... but still we're being bad ... then later we repent even all the way down to the bottom ... what were we thinking ... what have we become ... but the onle liable to do it again ... and so of course we do ... until sometimes cursed with a blessing we stop thinking of it ... for the rest or the most part we don't ... we can't ... we are the thinking of it ... till thinking kills the thought of decision and talk and indecision are the rule ... till in the midst of this conversation till we can act again doesn't there come a thought in the form of a question ... who is it does act if I don't think it can be me

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