Monday, May 31, 2010


which would you rather admit to a sin or an addiction ... which one is more likely to kill you ... say you were addicted to second best ... saving the best for last and never getting to the end ... researching a thirty-year bibliography for a twenty-year project ... sitting between conscientious and thorough when exciting is waiting for you in first class ... now say you were unlucky and the better choice of two fell into decline ... now the best you could get was a B you'd have to settle for a C ... where once you had to go to the doctor's office they send you to the hospital instead ... where once your head and thoughts were in a whirl now they're in a faint ... if only you tried for first even at the end you'd get another minute ... if only you tried for the best even the end would be a beginning ... if decline brings you down turn around and you're on the incline ... do it ... incline ... lean forward ... stretch out ... the patterns that confine you enclose and compose you ... break away ... pull your head up ... here's a thing even when you lose it ... put up your hand

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