Wednesday, May 19, 2010


there is only the trinitarian solution to the problems of dualism ... and aristotle agrees ... kind of ... let's bring in freud ... we'll call matter id and mind ego ... so far we may find aristotle agreeable by two of the four causes matter and form ... but we'll have to ask him to put the last two agency and the final cause in freud's third suitcase left on the stairs the superego ready to explode ... the four real elements together in place giving constant birth to creation ... how can they not ... what otherwise can unite two such repellent forces rampant matter tasteful form ... how could the one sacrifice so much to stay with the other if they weren't together in on the plot from the beginning ... and what possible plan could so mesmerize form an expert on the topic after all and overawe matter the very definition as it is of power ... what scheme could be so effective unless it gave each the one thing it wanted ... direction ... outside the picture ... beyond the map ... to purpose ... and how could such a cause be final without the person at the end

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