Tuesday, May 25, 2010


the prevalence of id in this society as it was from the beginning is now but soon soon enough never will be again is a conundrum to the logic of the ego that opens a chasm by its feet ... an infinite divide in front of it and behind ... the id forever in the right place ... this is going to change the ground beneath our feet and fill in any chasm even those without a bottom ... the power of the id in love with reason a resulting harmony that puts the ego on the same firm foundation and makes eternity necessary ... if only it were true ... well if it isn't what have you got instead ... you'd think an infinite variety but there'd be only one you'd wind up with ... the infinite justification of death ... this generation now and forever ... the bottom must fall out of the tub for things to go on changing ... isn't that what life is ... changing ... and nothing does change not really till it comes to the end ... and no I don't mean to play the fool and say how peaceful a process it is and right ... it's hateful and violent ... that's what life is

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