Friday, May 28, 2010


I have a little devil inside me ... it disturbed me when I first found him but that was many years ago and we've since come to an accommodation almost friendly ... but of course I always expect some kind of a betrayal ... he tells me for instance he's a lower level devil ... that our exchanges won't bear scrutiny but won't invite it either ... he'll come to me some day and say he's had a promotion ... he'll wait a while before he returns ... he'll tell me then rather coldly and hard-eyed that it seems a record of all our bargains has indeed been kept ... and each was reviewed all the way to the top ... nonsense I would respond ... who has time for the likes of me ... he'd sit down and light up a joint ... seeming for all the world his old collegial confiding self ... I've tiold you this before ... angels are not like men ... in our world truth is fixed and so is change ... there's no time therefore to mark it ... a thought doesn't fly from here to the center of the pit ... it's understood down there the same moment as it is here on the rim 1/2

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