Thursday, May 27, 2010


aren't there times when a good man sets a moral example that's right ... in the way of punishing himself ... where correction and reformation are intended and humility and stregth are the reward ... let's consider just now the slightest of such sentences ... you must sit down and write yourself a lesson ... you must make as nearly a daily practice of these lessons as you can ... sit at the desk and make your brain relax ... open your mind at least the windows and the doors just for now ... now shut up ... not the windows and the doors but the mouth ... be very quiet very careful very relaxed notice everything ... the wind through the lace curtain ... the cold air in the kitchen ... bouille at nancy defending a government he must despise ... standing on the steps with his sabre drawn these last two hours holding a mutiny at bay ... go to the library ... read your carlyle book by book ... remember your lessons as you proceed ... see ... look what you've done ... you are one spirit paying homage to a greater

carlyle, the french revolution, vol 2, book 2

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