Tuesday, May 04, 2010


every man meets a judge at the end of his life and the judge is always a woman ... or so you would think by the way he acts ... always trying to please the ladies ... every woman meets a judge at the end of her life ... and so on ... our mutual attraction must be fatal but it doesn't have to be mortal ... the broken coin is mended and laid on the closed eye of death when death is no more ... we must pay our way but we will go together ... thus not in death but in completion ... you can see it in the prudence of the fathers who don't give a detailed description of heaven ... who can imagine a time when men and women will always be agreeable ... it's why men enjoy boys night out and so do women ... a time to celebrate our separation while we still can ... it's like time and eternity ... what man can understand the sweet face of woman smiling over her shoulder and not follow ... what's a split second if it has no place to go being there already ... man is for woman as she is for him ... a good reason for desire ... and there'd be no time without desire ... no reason to be

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