Wednesday, May 26, 2010


the neopagan brings pornography ... the monotheist the wargame ... the trinitarian whom nobody understands but everybody runs on like oil in the engine brings pot ... pornography is a particular turn on sex and sex is a celebration of life ... in the world of matter as in the world of mind a question of what is and is not conceivable ... most wargames are between two players one of whom will lose ... even solitaire most are between two sides one of whom will win ... though the two-aspect runs the entire game the one-aspect bears it away ... it's what the game meant to do ... more than multiplicity of confusion and lack of focus it conquers duplicity ... pot stops the show ... it always starts by stopping the show ... it takes a minute or two to rearrange the active sectors of the brain ... the waiting ego looks forward to its relocation ... from one step to another the time it takes to turn your head the ego's through the doors almost before the train is in the station ... it beats the time it makes the time so you can take the time it takes to pay attention

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