Wednesday, May 19, 2010


if truth were a conclusion that never became an action what difference would it ever make ... if form overlay and underlay matter like a grid ... if matter conformed to such a subservient degree we took to calling it energy and confusing it with form ... if at the conclusion of all our enquiry we were content to stay in the dance as long as we could what privation would we suffer other than the limits of life time and space of physics and biology of desire fantasy disease and death ... I'm not an animal you say ... you left out the word just ... we're not just an animal ... it's just where we start ... half an animal half an intellect something like angelic ... half a life cycle something like a plant's ... half a desire for something that never changes ... and all as flat as the letters on a page though they're in good order from one on consecutively ... what's a number to a name ... what does the name say more than a little water on the head to remind us where we came from ... to tell us again grow up and get something done

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