Friday, May 07, 2010


the essential point about history is the resurrection ... which is a good thing ... no one likes a story with a bad ending ... and we do love stories ... we love them in our heart ... and we couldn't tell a single one without this at the beginning ... not any more ... not since we first heard it ... whenever we try to tell another story it always has a bad ending ... they're all a twist large or small on the crucifixion ... and that you will remember was the worst we had ... there was a time when natural did not mean primitive ... that was before the loss of eden made us savage ... there was a time when we had a god ... but on that afternoon we killed him ... now we're on our own and this is the world we've got and this is how it works ... it goes on and on until it burns out ... kind of like us we always burn out ... it's a sad thing but you won't find that we're not tough ... and we won't go before our time ... we won't be stupid and set the world on fire ... or explode it in war or population ... we'll disarm and prune the population before it gets out of the bag ... let's clear the air ... is this a story worth telling ... we save the world

cf wiker, ten books that screwed up the world, afterword

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