Saturday, May 29, 2010


the third party candidate was a nuisance on the stage but the law said her percentage was large enough that she should be there ... she looked too old to serve ... certainly too old to long survive if she did ... and she laughed whenever she got the question ... she said I agree ... a vote for me is a vote for my vice-president ... but I tell you we neither of us want it ... I have good books he has good looks and better business elsewhere ... I'm here under and to serve one master only ... protest ... I'm here to get my equal time to tell these two boys what they're not supposed to be doing and to offer them some motherly advice on their behavior ... my party appreciates the difficult task our voters must manipulate ... keeping us just between the power to criticize ... on one side obscurity and on the other direct responsibility for a job that would probably overwhelm us ... so vote carefully ... let me speak ... then judge not my behavior but theirs ... for on election day you must vote for them ... one or the other

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