Saturday, May 01, 2010


a devil rides us as a monkey would a horse ... he pulls our neck back we rear ... we forget we've got a monkey on our back ... we lose our balance ... we fall down ... with grace we rise again ... human ... with a monkey on our back ... and more and more like a horse as the devil begins to ride ... if it were just the two of us the devil and his ride with nothing and no one else is that the closest to hell we can get ... could we take it one step further and run away with ourselves ... alas it's impossible to run away ... to be totally alone ... wherever you go you go there yourself ... and the two of you you and yourself are never alone as long as you have each other ... but after a while you've got to wonder who is this other ... and the inquiry the investigation conversation dialogue and debate go on ... who can say the number of witnesses called ... the kind of evidence given ... who can say at any point it's not the devil prosecution or defense ... who can say when I was at my most intense densest real that I was doing a good thing ... ah I can shake my head from ear to ear move my shoulders up and down blow smoke and snort

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