Monday, May 31, 2010


the young woman sent to the creek to do the day's wash early so dawn was just breaking in unpetitioned joy dances for the sky ... the athlete having run a good race having won or lost is verified in his feet ... the saint putting pen to paper the sinner just confessed the baby first smiling see the curtain stirring in the breeze and all the colors of the sun behind it ... the old lady in the constant practice of breaking her back scrubs the floor stops for a quiet laugh ... there by chance bending his knee in the sand he sees the lady in the light crossing the water ... the new student finds the real joy not in hearing the masters but in knowing them ... the old man in the hospital bed hears the nurse who isn't there ... she helps him sit up ... he doesn't die ... but in quiet study in the years yet to follow he remembers ... you know the role you play when you guide a child ... you follow but you let her go ... you know when you listen to another ... something heavy with worry and care ... it isn't long before you look them in the eye ... there

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