Sunday, May 30, 2010


only if you think there's a purpose and a right to your body and the material world will you agree with what I'm about to say ... there is a world in addition to the material world ... it's as wide or as narrow as the people there will allow ... sometimes they're particular ... like it just this way and they'll have no other ... sometimes they may seem not to be paying attention ... we can think things and do things over here we just never thought possible ... their code is broken ... information is leaking all the way out to us ... and we we just love it ... in fact we love it so much you could say we're dazzled ... upon consideration you'd agree we have good cause to be dazzled ... what say was it the color of the light or the color of her skin ... once when I turned quickly I caught her on the sly ... she was all color moving in a field that meant her as a present for all to see ... and she loved it ... I thought again later what was so attractive had to be right ... wouldn't she alone make everything right 3/3

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