Wednesday, May 05, 2010


we're prudent sometimes ... god is providential ... he provides ... you are alone recovering slowly in your old age ... you turn on a tv show monk ... you resolve your past and lasting social bazaars of odd behavior ... you've indulged yourself for decades in an intellectual gluttony ... you see an ad for intellectual appetite two kinds one much more vicious than the other curiosity and study and why this is so ... you are being told but you do not pay attention ... you make promises but you do not keep them ... you are frightened down to the last pit of your stomach ... first you're nauseous then what's worse so is your mind with a final fear ... you can turn like a swivel but there is no way to turn ... you're alone all you can think about is yourself ... you're very clearly on the brink ... somebody calls ... it's your friend ... you are led by two steps to plead an indisposition not of the old but of the old made new ... how curious you ponder how well all that was done ... and the game and the internet to follow ... some tv ... and the books ... the book ... of course ... god is dead it says hanging on a cross until tomorrow (1/3)

cf paul j griffiths, Intellectual Appetite, and moltmann, theology of hope, 3.5

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