Tuesday, May 25, 2010


the things of the world require that you love them ... but that's not what you hear ... you hear that they need to be controlled ... that they're means to an end ... and no number of sermons on original intent will dissuade you ... how else are you to deal with those things that are ends in themselves ... like you ... but truth to tell this world full of ends has means of its own that were ends up to a point and now that they're done with you or you with them they still have their use ... to you ... as means to one end you must always count on or what's eternity for that has no room for you ... but there comes a point when you'd rather it did not ... and that you realize was it when you became the one point that had to count ... everything else could mean what it did only because it lit the way for you ... it was the thing you always feared ... it was true ... you were the subject everything else objective ... other things did end when they came to you ... what then would all these other mean things do if it were true even you must end

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