Monday, May 10, 2010


what's the history of your life been like whether you're fifty or a hundred ... is it not the same for all of us a conversation between the left and the right good angel bad angel the devil and god ... it seems like this all the time ... but maybe this seeming just seems to be true ... maybe the real conversation from birth to death is more immediate ... tactical ... an ontic swirl between the body and the spirit mediated by the mind ... a swirl so potently confusing the mind no longer knows its true parent the body or the spirit ... is it the eye looking up or the light coming down ... is the mind the true child of chemical transfusion and muscle straining or law giving and form setting ... if the one why all this effort to be witty ... if the other why all this passion to be wild and earthy ... bastard heir the mind concludes born of the one to the other ... bastard heir the least likely to succeed and does ... because the call came and we attended 2/3

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