Sunday, May 23, 2010


there are things about the economy of gift that keep it out of exchange ... and the first of these differences is the matter of resources ... in the economy of exchange we take them to be running out but in the economy of gift they're increasing ... they play in simple fact against two different backgrounds starker than night and day darkness and light and all animals know by word or feel this environment that surrounds them ... like plants they turn to one or the other ... like the earth they suffer them both in order and disorder ... in sleep and awareness they still strive to do the right thing manage resources but wake each morning to the gift of a new day ... in failure they agree to stand apart ... what in exchange is a terrible result is it also inevitable cynicism and despair ... in a gift is a terrifying cause ... rebellion rejection pride and contempt ... which way now indeed if time is running out ... which way to turn when you're cornered ... no ... you can exchange only if you're on time ... gift is forever 3/3

plagiarized from paul j griffiths, intellectual appetite

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