Monday, May 03, 2010

HOW WE MIGHT ALL BE MESSENGERS OF GOD (and still not angels)

oh why did I say that ... I don't even mean it ... I certainly didn't mean it that way ... I talk too much ... I ought to shut up ... I ought to shut up completely ... let's stop the respondent there just short of despair ... we find ourselves slipping unfortunately like this in freudian ways ... on the other hand sometimes we say something really clever or profound without first giving it a thought ... if I didn't know freud better I'd think we were channeling from the grave or from the stars ... all I was aware of was the tapping of my shoe the clench of my fist the turn of my own hand before I said that truly hurtful thing ... but having said it I can't pretend it wasn't I who did it ... me the one on the inside and at the center ... but I only spoke what I was listening to ... it wasn't mine ... I was only repeating it ... say rather it was the id in the cellar ... I will go upstairs now and stick my head through the roof ... if I must speak but cannot claim to be the author I'd rather wash my mouth out in starfire and speak directly to the moon

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