Wednesday, May 26, 2010


it and suprego in their lightly altered identities are matter and antimatter when they meet ... there needs be between them something to keep them apart ... ergo sum ... a reprimand isn't a slap after all ... when the angels fell they didn't flame down like falling stars ... they argued instead ... they're arguing still ... as they left they took the long way into absurdity ... what the truth was successively they were not ... when the galaxies left home it was to lay down a garden carpet for us to follow ... when we got there we complained it wasn't enough ... we had caught the disobedient infection by being unprepared ... form slipped through our fingers and suffered for the passage ... the devil's echo bedevils us still ... we meant what we said ... we just couldn't get the words right ... they went so wrong and widely now we don't know what we mean and have to make it up along the way ... it's a code on the wall maybe close to what it means ... it ergo suprego ... I think it's italian ... something wants to get there and with grace it will

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