Saturday, May 22, 2010


in the economy of gift everything grows in freedom and righteousness ... in the economy of exchange someone wins and someone loses ... in the first the flower opens ... in the second it droops and closes ... the plenty of the plenty in the first ... the further loss and ultimate in the second ... god and creation the first pattern of gift ... war business healing illness breathing patterns of exchange between more life and less ... knowledge reading learning teaching wisdom patterns of gift ... fighting maneuvering performing or arguing for effect being clever and being paid in respect growing old put in the back yard to catch the evening light models of exchange ... here are all my days what can I buy with them ... what do you get for anything you can buy but a means along the way to the end ... and that's the point of the joke ... or at least the point it can enter ... see I've paid all my days and this is the end I paid for ... and look this is the end and it's for free ... two voices throughout telling the tale of economy 1/3

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