Saturday, May 29, 2010


is there a difference between the theoretical and the practical intellect between the theoretical and the practical syllogism ... only if you think there's a purpose and a right to your body and the material world ... otherwise we'd contend as the angels do devoted purely to the truth a mistake or a lie ... or like a flower or a lizard we raise our head to the light with no thought of any real thing with hardly anything you'd call a desire ... but a stop sign at the end of our way saying thoughtless things go no further or what's a species for ... even the most hardened man of matter finds himself talking of form ... aping as if he must an intelligent being ... within a generation or two he'll be sitting in a pew in the church of some abstract delight ... for that's what we have ... an unending pride and a real affection for abstract thought ... sometimes we get it best in a puzzle or a game and we're on the move in the midst of it ... the pot is boiling and we're at the stove ... the hand in thoughtful motion the epitome of our species 1/3

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