Sunday, May 02, 2010


I like these multiplayer multicharacter political military historical games ... when your ally seems to gain too much too quickly your own war effort slackens to give the enemy time to beat up on your presumptuous friend and hopefully weaken himself in the process ... but more than this is the simple pleasure of the swoop down ... over the mountains and the lakes across the plains into the cities and ports ... it's this glide down from the rulebook to the board from theory to practice the universal to the particular that stirs old embers in the intellect ... of change of plans in the middle of the night ... of a map on a table in a campfire's light ... summer the high season for campaigning ... for young nations to force their way in among the old ... for an illegal nation to be punished by another outside the law ... the game itself the friends the elegant moves the plot unfolding the story being told ... it's all play inside a metaphor ... a mimicry ... son to the father ... a lesson being taught all the time ... yet over and over again ... ever ... always ... new ... isn't this the way of the world with the maker and mover moving himself in time

cf moltmann, theology of hope, 2.6

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