Saturday, May 22, 2010


utopian tyranny purchases a chimerical economy of gift by illicit transactions in the very real economy of exchange ... I take my hope and trade it in for conviction for confidence whenever I call for it ... I take the sad prognosis of things running out and try to moderate the loss down to a minimum ... I get to do this for the most part by reducing the mistakes other people are likely to make ... with a hard sense of reality and a clever use of politics I keep them down to a minimum greed and ignorance especially the second ... I expect we'll get to a point there's a number on the dial and we've got it set ... things are run now by the autopilot and we turn to the young so in their turn they keep the number on the dial ... and we turn to ourselves so we can keep the flame burning brightly to the end ... yes surely before the end and well before the end each exchange will freely be made ... what I have that you need we both will share ... what other than that is a gift 2/3

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