Monday, May 17, 2010


the solution to the problem of pornography and public health is the platonic form and the freudian id ... how can one take the other seriously ... they should at the least show more respect ... they have that kind of obvious distaste for each other you sense a hidden attraction ... they are certainly the consummate odd couple ... but under analysis they begin to fess up ... under acculturation they dress up and take in the town ... what a sight to see and be seen ... the papparazzi as usual fail to do them justice ... worse make them fail to do each other and us all justice ... where we thought to touch beauty's nerve we twang on a broken guitar ... where we thought there that line just there they take an inner tube and blow it up out of all proportion ... what color have they not made garish ... what sweet gesture or classic pose haven't they taken out of focus and frame frozen ... not paid its reward ... not punched its ticket ... how long must they suffer these tawdry affairs before they marry in order to quickly get a divorce

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