Thursday, May 27, 2010


it's not class it's classic ... every social class has its own gentility ... these people form a class of their own across those social barriers ... which superclass is their identity one to the other ... their essential characteristics their signs of recognition ... some written many famous most of them old ... these few each among his large crowd ... now as a culture listens to these people as they are wise so is the culture when it listens with attention and obedience ... what is it that these people know that they deserve this ... it's more or as much how they know it how this wisdom came to them how they learned it ... which is why most of them are so old ... it takes such a long lifetime it takes such a long course and repeated for them to understand ... now they're in the minority of the wise ... each to a minority of one ... one room one bed one last breath ... and the moment each approaches that end with sincerity that moment is his wisdom born ... the closer that moment comes to the last bed the last breath the shorter the course the quicker the run the last sprint to glory

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