Sunday, May 30, 2010


is there a difference between the theoretical and practical intellect ... between the theoretical and practical syllogisms ... what a strange question ... first of all it assumes there's something called an intellect ... some people say that's just a bunch of nerve endings ... a neural system giving off sparks ... letting out air ... most of which is obnoxious and dangerous ... but let's assume instead as we have above that they're wrong ... it's our assumption against theirs ... we will assume that there is an intellect ... they will assume that there's not ... we must now add to the burden of our opponents' tolerance and say as well there are not one but two kinds of intellect ... not simply one adapted to abstract thought and the other to sense control ... but both motivated by each other in the presence of something supersensory that answers specifically to thought ... there's the rub ... there's a whole other world out there and in here it's everywhere ... we feel it ... the theoretical intellect says be still ... it's just an effect 2/3

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