Sunday, May 02, 2010


all right ... this is just a suppose ... but suppose freud was right ... that we were made up of an id an ego and a superego ... the id is a reflection of the aweful power of the father ... volcanos ... the surface not to mention the center of the sun ... the grip of the jaw and of the hand ... energy waves tides of the ocean and the milky way ... the dig of the ditch the swing of the hammer ... the murder the birth of the child ... the power of the mother the power of the father ... the power it seems divorced from morality above good below evil pulling them both apart urgently ... it seems we find ourselves on the run from the start ... the whole tribe village city nation is on the move and talking as they go ... a journey yes but it's an escape too ... an escape to heaven a retreat away from hell ... out of sin into innocence ... the whole damn race on the move ... that's a lot of dinners to prepare along the way before each night ... a lot of thinking again when we go to sleep ... a different kind of walk and talk in our dreams but just as boastful and worried as during the day ... the ego is burdened and burning with the fires of the id ... don't look down ego ... look up above for the superego

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