Friday, May 28, 2010


look at it this way ... the same extension we enjoy in time we have in space as well ... there's more than all the room in the world in one corner of his office ... more than enough to fit you in ... over there say in a narrow seat ... you won't have too long to wait ... but does he have an interest I mean what care could he have for an interest in me ... well to be frank ... he'd respond a bit coyly ... the interest he does have in you is simply to return you to what you were before creation ... nothing ... he literally wants nothing from you ... never again to hear to see to understand you ... but you shouldn't worry ... it's nothing personal ... he feels that way about everyone ... and yes he's known about you since your conception ... he found you a bad idea then and of course you've made it worse ... it would be so much wiser if you could just do what he wants and go away forever ... there was I then reflected something of the devil himself in this one ... a union of design and bad purpose ... the same malignant smile

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