Thursday, July 29, 2010


isn't it odd that english should abound in quirks ... for example that only one letter should separate the good from god and evil from the devil ... who can figure past these games past meaning logic and coincidence to anything seriously profound ... to search for example the history of the human mind its progress and decline in any great detail and scope ... thomas said the pagan philosophers got what he got on the unity of divinity but that they lacked revelation to come to the trinity ... creation the fall and incarnation these the three great events in all history how many of these can most of philosophy today give witness to much less verify or justify ... how many who were just feet away to hear it could figure out what they heard ... imagine just a minute if you had heard the absolute voice of god talking to his son ... what was that then thunder we too might say or no he's talking to an angel and the angel is responding ... well isn't that how we respond to revelation ... wait what was it he said

compendium 36; kreeft ycuot 23; john 12 : 25-6.

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