Sunday, July 11, 2010


we are saved by faith but whose faith saves us ... hardly ours ... that's why we need hope ... not our faith but his faith ... faith in what ... faith in whom ... faith in the father ... he knows us he doesn't need faith about that ... now this should be a great relief to amateur christians who wait ten years after retirement to pick up the bible and even then under compulsion ... morning half-hour christians just beginning to remember their verses ... if we're put to temptation if they put us to the test left to chance left to probability my faith would probably fail ... so I take it as a powerful relief that my faith is not the one to count ... doesn't mean I don't believe just means I'm thankful it doesn't depend on me ... I take this world to be upside down ... sometimes I take it to be turned over on top of me ... at all times I know it's no friend of mine ... was a battle from the start and thankful I was to get periods of peace ... now I see the faith and I say bring it on

tom wright, paul for everyone, the prison letters, phil 3: 7-11.

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