Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I'm either holding court or in court ... surrounded by a jury and a judge or courtiers and a jester ... a king or a criminal there's nothing real in between ... the game of life wherein the rolling of the dice is the rolling of the soul into the embryo into the body into the world ... win a fortune become a king ... lose a fortune go to jail ... there's a large group of us naked huddled in the snow ... we meant to compromise to play the mean between the extremes and look at where we got ... how many full lives before abraham and moses ... how many after without them ... didn't get the message ... weren't at home when it arrived ... how many systems how many permutations before they hear of the truth ... that there is a truth but more than they expected ... and it's a king ... or just another criminal ... thought it was me all this time it was he ... but when I do shine it's in his reflection ... bound to the slaughter or rising from the sea ... everything in between only points to one extreme ... god grant we play the part where we should be

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