Tuesday, July 13, 2010


where we should not be gnostic I think is in our fundamental respect for matter ... it is the container of the spirit which the individual soul fills all the way up to the pores ... adapting to it and adopting it so that the matter has not only a new organization but something entirely new if not alien and that's life ... pure matter is completely receptive wholly potential ... what fills it isn't pattern or theory but act ... passive power is what it is bcause of the hope action gives it ... action moderated and mediated by system and pattern but not some dream or fantastic idea but the real fully rounded thing ... not mythic or symbolic but actual ... picking it out as light ... say lightning ... picking us out ... say as slow and patient ... in a community a great cloud of witness and support all round us ... we put our hand out we stick our finger in the socket ... there'll be a time when we won't want to let go ... too much act too much reality but we won't want to let it go ... a piece of cloth a shroud radiant with light ... with act

1. compendium 19; 2. heb 12: 1-3; 3. john 8: 54-9; 4. the real face of jesus? A&E History dvd

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